Azar Computer Software Services, Inc is dedicated to providing software solutions that allow you to give your customers an unobtrusive, but full-featured, cable experience. We offer cost-effective software solutions for cable billing software, subscriber management, analog and digital video authorizations and cable modem provisioning, as well as professional and low cost conversion, training and consulting services. Our team of hard-working customer services experts will answer any questions you have about implementing the CATvMaster solution.

CATvMaster – Cable Billing, Subscriber Management, Analog and Digital Authorizations and Modem Provisioning Solutions

Features include:

● Broadband Convergence
● CRM, Dispatch, Accounting, Marketing, Converter Maintenance
● Unlimited subscribers, homes passed, history, work orders and notes
● CATvIP – Integrated Cable Modem Provisioning
● Digital authorizations, PPV, IPPV, Web-enabled PPV authorizations
● Video on Demand (VOD), Voice over IP (VOIP), Audio Response Unit (ARU)
● Real time credit card processing, Electronic Funds Transfer, Lockbox
● PC-based Windows 32-bit processing and multi-tasking

CATvMaster is designed for small to mid-sized cable providers and broadband service providers. The system supports single and multi-user, call center and remote offices. You have the option to either sub-license the software for in-house hosting or use our server for hassle-free hosting of your cable billing system.

Detailed specifications for Azar’s CATvMaster cable billing system, subscriber and workforce management, analog and digital authorization and cable modem provisioning solutions are available through our website. If you have specific questions about Azar’s CATvMaster subscriber billing and management software solutions, software support and system pricing, please contact us or call our sales team at 800-525-7844.