Using CATvMaster’s™ Work order Scheduling module, CSR’s and Dispatch can view all workorder information for a particular technician or area.

The information is displayed in a calendar format showing the area or technicians time slots and availability. Dispatch can easily assign work orders from scheduling areas to specific technicians, including a printed summary by technician. This helps to streamline and distribute the workflow throughout your daily operations and gives you the power to manage tasks more effectively.

This module reduces communication time between dispatch and the technicians while increasing productivity. This improves response time and customer service while minimizing costs related to travel time and truck rolls.

Scheduling can be defined by technician, work area, or zip code. In addition to that, it can also be based on the task(s) at hand. For example, if 3 additional outlets are to be added, the system will total the units together at the time of scheduling automatically. The CSR will not have to manually add units together.

The Assign Work order program provides the Dispatcher with a simple method for assigning technicians to pending work orders.

Technician schedules can be printed in many different sequences and a cover sheet may be provided with the day’s work orders in the order they are to be performed.

Work orders can be printed on-line at the time of creation or in a batch form. Work orders can be sent to email accounts or to a remote printer, handheld device or fax to keep remote technicians and installers up-to-the-minute.

Service call work orders can be flagged to stay with the address, if the problem was related to the house and not the subscriber. If the service call was related to subscriber education, then the service call is marked to stay with the subscriber, regardless of where they move throughout the system.