Operators around the country have been improving customer service with the Azar CATvMaster™ Integrated Subscriber Management, Billing and Addressable Authorization Solutions. When using CATvMaster™, operators provide more efficient and personalized customer service, due to the ease of use and functionality. Azar’s CATvMaster™ user interface is designed around the way the CSR works, not the way the software works.

On average, more than half of all inquiries to call centers are related to billing. To reduce the average cost per subscriber call, it is critical to find ways to obtain the subscriber information as quickly as possible and respond to their questions. Azar provides this solution with CATvMaster™.

With CATvMaster™, cable operators are able to let their business revolve around the subscriber by providing a billing, ordering, provisioning, marketing, sales automation and subscriber management system. You get real-time, detailed information all in one package without losing reliability, scalability, ease-of-use or the technology needed to address the demands of today’s competitive market.