Hundreds of installations have proven the effectiveness of Azar’s solutions. We are consistently ahead of the industry with revisions and enhancements to serve the evolving needs of cable providers. We can provide solutions to meet your needs as your subscriber base increases and you extend your product offerings.

We are deeply committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We concentrate on meeting our clients’ needs and focus on developing strong relationships with them and our partners. We understand how ‘mission critical’ billing is and understand the importance of being here, when you need us.
Your support does not end with the sale and installation of your system. With Azar’s ESS plan the answer to your question is just a phone call away.
End to End testing of set tops remotely, simplifying the pre-launch and operating process
Priority telephone, modem, email or fax support for technical issues and ongoing training
Free Product updates
No hidden charges – Just one up front monthly support fee
Discounted On-site training, Off Site or On-Line Training
Discounted Custom Programming
No Annual License Fees