Subscriber accounts are easily accessed by up to ten different data fields, including three user-defined fields. Name, address, phone number, drivers license number, social security and even the tag number, to name a few.

With CATvMaster™, Customer Service Representative’s (CSR’s) can quickly and accurately respond to subscriber requests for balances, services, historical transactions, ‘what if’ scenarios and pending trouble calls with out having to exit the subscriber’s account. ALL of the subscriber data is available at the CSR’s fingertips, with CATvMaster’s™ unique Subscriber Account split screen. With all of these features, a CSR spends less time looking for answers when assisting subscribers, increasing subscriber satisfaction by reducing hold times.

Every address where a subscriber has had or requested service is available with easy search methods, including the customization of the display listing. Every subscriber at an address that has had or requested service is stored in the database for easy access at any time. The homes passed file is automatically created and maintained without user intervention. All subscriber and address information is updated immediately in real time.

Unlimited notes are automatically date and time stamped when added and are kept permanently with out the need to purge them. CSR’s have internal alert notes and directional notes that print on all work orders.