Azar’s Digital Service Center

Cloud Based Digital and Broadband Authorization Solutions

The Digital Service Center is a powerful Video and Broadband provisioning solution backed by Azar’s proven line of video and broadband provisioning platforms. The Digital Service Center supports all of the video and broadband provisioning systems currently supported by Azar’s CATvMaster and DigiLink software in a powerful Web application that allows operators who currently utilize a billing system that does not support the provisioning of video or broadband subscriber premise equipment to effectively manage all of their subscriber premise equipment from one easy to use Web application.

For cable and broadband providers who are currently provisioning Video and Broadband equipment through separate interfaces, sometime resulting in triple entry situations, the Digital Service Center will allow you to consolidate all of your provisioning into a single system, increasing efficiency and eliminating costly mistakes, all of this without any additional hardware or locally installed software.

The Digital Service Center can be accessed by your technicians in the field using their hand held devices allowing them to swap out equipment, add or change services and send real time addressable transactions 24/7.

On Call Technicians can troubleshoot addressable provisioning problems and send addressable transactions without having to roll a truck.

In many cases, the Digital Service Center can be easily integrated with your existing billing vendor to eliminate nearly all of the dual entry currently in place for managing your subscriber premise  equipment.

With over 33 years of experience in developing cutting edge integrated software solutions for the cable industry, Azar delivers an exceptional value for your systems provisioning needs.

Key Product Features

The Digital Service Center is “In the Cloud”

The Digital Service Center is a browser based hosted service. No need for any additional equipment or installed software.

24/7 access from any browser

With unlimited access to the system, Customer Service Representatives and Technicians will be able to send any type of addressable transaction, exchange equipment or modify subscriber services from their hand held devices or PC.

PPV and VOD purchases exported to your billing system

PPV and VOD purchases are automatically captured and delivered to you for import into your billing system. PPV and VOD purchase formats are easily customized to meet your billing system requirements.  Optionally, a statement can be sent to your subscribers detailing all PPV and VOD activity
captured during your billing period.

Low start-up and monthly costs

For as little as $1500 and $225 per month, Azar will deliver a fully configured application that is ready for you to start adding customers. With electronic conversions starting at $750, now is the time for you to consider migrating your video and broadband provisioning to Azar’s Digital Service Center.

For any operator who is paying $2 to $3 per addressable subscriber per month or incurring high “per transaction” costs from other digital service bureaus, the Digital Service Center is the solution that will increase your bottom line in both cost savings and efficiencies.

If you would like more information about Azar’s Digital Service Center please contact us or call our sales team at 800-525-7844.