Thank you for your interest in Azar's Digital Service Center

Specifically designed for operators who utilize a billing system that does not integrate with their digital video or cable modem provisioning systems, the Digital Service Center provides a single point of entry for all your provisioning requirements. Pay-per-View and/or VOD charges are delivered to you on your schedule in a format that is easy to use by most billing systems to electronically import captured purchases.

Azar also offers a Web Services API that provides the necessary hooks for your billing system to seamlessly integrate their system with the Digital Service Center, effectively eliminating all dual entry for your front-line staff. With an integrated solution you experience increased efficiency and ensure that subscribers are only receiving the services that are billed on their account.

We have found that some operators are paying as much as $3.00 a month per digital subscriber for a similar service. With Azar's Guaranteed Savings of 25% on your existing standalone provisioning system, isn't it worth a few minutes of your time to give us a call?

For more information on Digital Service Center pricing please call Robert at 1-800-525-7844 or submit your information using our contact form.

For a complete list of integrated provisioning solutions, please refer to the Digital Service Center page.