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Cable Subscriber Billing & Management

Welcome to Azar Computer Software Services, Inc. We provide cost effective solutions for cable billing, subscriber, workforce and inventory management along with fully integrated analog, digital, cable modem and Voice over IP (VoIP) provisioning systems. For our VoIP customer we provide CDR summarized billing and optional detailed statement presentation. For over 30 years, we have developed and implemented solutions to streamline the cable subscriber billing and order management process by providing an easy to navigate fully integrated software package. Our scalable billing solutions are ideal for small to mid-size providers of Video, Internet and VoIP services.

Scalable Cable Billing, Subscriber Management & Authorization Solutions

Azar’s cable TV billing and  subscriber management software is scalable to fit the needs of your business. CATvMaster is a premier solution that offers a complete cable TV billing system, a suite of subscriber management tools with a CSR friendly user interface along with integrated management software for analog and digital video authorizations,  modem and VoIP provisioning , Pay per View and VOD billing and inventory controls for complete management of all of your broadband services. With Azar’s CATvMaster software it does not matter if you are looking for a simple cable TV billing platform or a fully integrated broadband billing software solution, Azar can provide you with a billing system that will meet your current needs and is scalable to grow with your business.

Azar’s DigiLink is designed for cable providers that have an existing billing system that does not support third party addressable interfaces. DigiLink utilizes CATvMaster’s powerful suite of analog, digital and broadband authorization and provisioning solutions along with all of the integrated work order and inventory management features to allow you to effectively manage your video and broadband services. In many instances DigiLink can be seamlessly integrated with your existing billing platform to eliminate the dual entry required by the traditional service bureaus.

Flexible Licensing & Affordable Software

Azar offers software solutions and licensing options to meet the needs of your company now and into the future. As your company grows and your needs change, new modules can be added to your system. Our software solutions are licensed as either a client-hosted solution or an ASP solution that can be hosted by us. Client-hosted is often the right choice for larger companies with an existing network in place, while smaller companies often choose to have the system hosted by us.

Learn More

Browse our website to learn more about our solutions for cable billing, broadband billing, subscriber management, Pay per View and VOD billing, digital authorizations and modem provisioning. You will also find detailed information about all of our software solutions. For specific questions or to request a demo and pricing information, contact us at 800-525-7844 or request additional information through our website.