The system supports multiple franchise fees and multiple levels of sales taxes per rate code. Varying bulk rate structures are available based either on a flat rate or based on the number units multiplied by the bulk rate.

Component level rate codes can be tracked on either a flat dollar amount or on a percentage amount.

The system maintains subscriber demographics to aid your marketing department when determining marketing promotions. Promotional campaigns can be either system wide or just applicable to a particular franchise. A subscriber can have 5 additional campaigns in addition to the franchise and system campaign. The campaigns can span multiple billing cycles or can be permanent.

With CATvMaster™’s campaign program, you have the tools required to generate new subscribers and upgrade existing subscriber’s level of service. In today’s competitive market, that’s a requirement.

The majority of communications with your subscribers are on the statement and this provides an ample opportunity to market to them and announce new service offerings and discounts. Very flexible marketing packages are maintained using multiple statement messages. With CATvMaster™’s unique statement messaging functions, nearly any criteria can be utilized to determine who gets what message under what conditions.

Multiple tests are available by subscriber status, type, company or franchise, rate groups, report codes, if the subscriber is new and many more. You may want to send a special message to the new subscriber that is receiving their first cable bill. You may want to send promotional messaging to subscribers that only have basic enticing them to upgrade to a premium service.