Azar Computer Software Services, Inc. provides subscriber billing, management, analog and digital authorization, cable modem provisioning, workforce management and inventory management solutions to Cable Television and Broadband service providers. CATvMaster and DigiLink are scalable solutions that are a perfect fit for small to medium sized providers.

Our complete solution, CATvMaster, integrates subscriber billing and management, workforce management, and provisioning solutions available in one product suite. DigiLink provides operators with an existing billing system the ability to have an integrated solution for video authorization, modem provisioning, pay per view and VOD billing. DigiLink is the perfect solution for small telephone companies, municipalities and utility companies that are providing broadband services in their markets.


Complete Subscriber Management Solution

For over 40 years, Azar’s CATvMaster Suite of Subscriber Billing, Management and Authorization Solutions have provided system operators with the tools needed to effectively manage their operations. From subscriber billing to workforce management solutions, CATvMaster gives cable operators the ability to fully track all subscriber activity.

With CATvMaster’s Suite of Video Authorization and Broadband Provisioning Solutions, managing your subscriber equipment has never been easier. Detailed information about CATvMaster’s feature rich architecture and easy to follow structure is available here.


Provisioning and Authorization Solution

Azar’s DigiLink offers all the flexibility of CATvMaster’s Provisioning and Authorization Solutions but as a stand-alone product for operators who utilize a separate billing platform. Azar has successfully deployed this proven solution to many regional municipalities, including utility and telephone companies.

Our flexible External Update Module allows your billing platform to communicate directly with the DigiLink solution, completely eliminating the need for duplicate entry of subscriber information. Additional details can be found on the DigiLink page.

Digital Service Center

Cloud Based Provisioning and Authorization Solution

The Digital Service Center has the ability to provision multiple systems from a single cloud-based portal that is easy to use and manage. For operators who manage multiple systems, this results in increased efficiency and savings. With no “Per Transaction” charges and a low monthly support fee, the Digital Service Center is the answer for all of your subscriber equipment authorization requirements. More information about Azar’s New Provisionming and Authorization Solution is avalilable on our Digital Service Center page.

CATv Customer Care

Online Subscriber Access Portal

How many customers call your office each month just to inquire about their balance due and the due date?

What if you could direct these calls to your web site and allow them to make a payment without any interaction with your front line staff?

You can!

Fully integrated with Azar’s CATvMaster Subscriber Management and Broadband Provisioning Software solutions, Azar’s CATv Customer Care online customer access portal provides operators with an online presence the ability to direct customers to an operator branded customer access portal. The online portal also offers numerous customization features allowing for a seamless integration with your company web site.

With Azar’s CATv Customer Care your subscribers will have the ability to:

By encouraging online customers to request electronic statements you will be able to reduce postage and printing costs.

With the latest integration with Revolution Payment Systems for processing online transactions, the online portal utilizes tokenization ensuring that the subscriber’s sensitive banking information will not be stored in the application database.

To schedule a demonstration of Azar’s CATv Customer Care module just contact our sales department at or call 800-525-7844.