AZAR’s DigiLink™ may be installed on your server or desktop computer or on one of our servers and may be accessed from anywhere via the internet. Channel Maps and rate tiers are pre-configured at installation and maintained by your staff. After we install your software, you add your Subscribers and Digital Set Tops to the system. This allows you to effectively manage all of your active and inactive set-tops. As you add Digital subscribers, you simply add these subscribers to the AZAR’s DigiLink™ System. This can be done manually or, if your billing system is capable of creating ascii files or calling DLL’s, the DigiLink™ system can be fully integrated into your existing billing system using our External Update functions. The DigiLink™ system processes these transactions acting as a gateway between your billing system and your Digital and/or Analog Headend Equipment.

Added Value
Project management is included at no extra charge, from the time the order is placed, through the testing phase, to the final market launch.
The software is pre-configured prior to shipment
Franchises, Properties, Companies and system configuration setup
Services, Tier offerings and Channel Maps predefined
No additional charges for Channel Map changes
Installation and initial data entry supported

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