All transactions are tied to a general ledger account. A full debit and credit transaction is created automatically without CSR intervention.

Many different payment collection interfaces are available including:

ACH Bank Draft
Lockbox Processing
Credit Card Processing
Check by phone – (dependent on the merchant)
Bar Code scanning of cash receipts
The system may optionally print a receipt for the subscriber.

CATvMaster™ supports automatic debit and credit write-offs with multiple write-off methods. When writing off bad debts, you can use a specific GL account or you can debit the GL account from the particular service billed that is being written off.

The system tracks deposits for Service, Converter, Remote and Other categories. Deposits that are billed to subscribers are automatically collected when payments are received. Deposits can be refunded directly to the subscriber or can become part of accounts receivable by applying the deposit to the subscriber’s balance.

Once the credit balance and deposit refunds have been created, the system can print refund checks using your company checks.