Azar Announces New Digital Service Center Web Application

Austin, TX    November 07, 2011

Azar announced today that they have released their new web application, CATvMaster Digital Service Center. The Digital Service Center provides customers who have an existing billing system a low cost alternative to the traditional digital service bureaus for provisioning subscriber premise equipment in an easy to use browser based application with the added benefit of combining the provisioning of multiple products from a single interface. This feature allows for a significant savings in time and resources if the operator currently has to provision video and high speed data equipment separately. The Digital Service Center is backed by Azar’s proven line of provisioning interfaces and in many cases can be integrated into their existing billing system, virtually eliminating any dual entry for subscriber equipment provisioning.

“Azar’s CATvMaster Digital Service Center allows operators to easily add new subscribers and provision any subscriber premise equipment via their web browser” says Robert P Wheeler, Vice President of Azar Computer Software Services, Inc. He adds that, “There are operators out there who are currently maintaining multiple provisioning interfaces in order to manage their subscriber equipment, the Digital Service Center allows them to manage all of their provisioning from one easy to use interface”

Because the Digital Service Center makes it easy to manage your subscriber premise equipment using your PC Browser there is no new equipment required and you can have unlimited user access with no additional costs. Subscribers Pay per View purchases can be automatically delivered in one of Azar’s many formats for uploading into your existing SMS for invoicing and statement presentation.

The Digital Service Center is targeted to the smaller operator who has a need to simply provision subscriber premise equipment while maintaining the rest of their subscriber billing and management in their existing system. This system is perfect for municipalities, smaller cable operators, utility and telephone companies who do not have a need for a fully integrated billing and provisioning solution yet require real time provisioning.

Click here for a video about the Digital Service Center.

About Azar Computer Software Services:

Azar Computer Software Services has been supplying the cable industry with effective cable billing and management solutions since 1979. Located in Austin, Texas, Azar specializes in developing industry specific software solutions for cable television operators.


Robert P Wheeler