Digital and Broadband Provisioning Solutions

Our digital modules are available as an integrated add-on to our CATvMaster™ Subscriber Billing and Management Solution or as a DigiLink™ Digital Provisioning Solution that can be integrated into your existing Billing system. Our Digital Provisioning Solutions support all the major vendors that provide digital headend systems. It doesn’t matter if you use the Classic HITS NAS, HITS 2 Home (H2H), HITS QuickTake, SA’s Digital Network Control System (DNCS), Motorola’s DAC 6000 in a stand alone application or plan to launch HITS through the NAS-RAC, Azar is ready to get you connected.
Azar’s Digital Provisioning Solutions allow you to manage your Digital Set top inventory efficiently and effectively through our simple and easy to use interface. Pay per View Processing, Inventory Updates and Refreshes all right at your fingertips.

For our Broadband service providers, Azar’s CATvIP™ allows you to provision your Cable Modems and MTAs directly from CATvMaster or DigiLink. It doesn’t matter if you use your own custom provisioning system or a turn key vendor like Zcorum, IBBS or Alopa. Integrated Cable Modem Provisioning ensures accuracy, saving both time and money. Our deployed VoIP Solutions allow your CSRs to view Subscriber’s Call Detail Records with the touch of a button. Add to this our Statement and WEB Based call detail services and you are ready to compete in the fast paced Voice Over IP business. At Azar Computer Software Services, our team of developers are working every day to provide the latest innovations to this rapidly changing environment and we anticipate several new and exciting enhancements to this product line.

High Speed Internet, VoIP or both. Azar’s CATvMaster™ Cable Billing and Broadband Solutions are the perfect choice for managing your High Speed Data Services.

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