Azar’s CATvIP™ is available as an add-on to our CATvMaster™ and DigiLink™ Systems. CATvIP™ allows your CSR’s to provision Broadband Services and exchange Broadband equipment directly from their workstation.

By eliminating dual entry in billed services vs. authorized services, operators save time and money. CATvIP™ minimizes the number of services not billed because of discrepancies between your CMTS and the billing system.

Cable operators maintain the same operational procedures for both high speed and video services without the need for additional training.

Cable modems are added to the subscriber like any set top; the user defined level of service is selected and sent to the modem, provisioning the modem with the specified bandwidth configuration you defined. All of these tasks are completed in one automated process.

Disable cable modems for delinquent accounts, automatically with CATvIP™. We also support ’soft disconnects’ by the past due criteria you define as part of the normal collections process.

With CATvIP™, cable modem provisioning is seamlessly integrated with the billing system maintaining cable modems and email accounts simultaneously with analog , digital, and PPV systems.

Cable operators never have to worry about lost revenue, as CATvIP™ makes sure the class of service the subscriber is receiving is the class of service being billed. CATvIP™ gives you peace of mind.

Preserve your investment and accelerate your time to market with AZAR’s CATvIP™ CATvIP ™ interfaces with most CMTS provisioning systems and DOCSIS compliant modems.

Custom applications are available – Contact Azar for more informaiton.

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