Azar’s DigiLink Video and Broadband Authorization Solutions

Azar’s DigiLink provides the tools required to interface with Analog and Digital Addressable Controllers, Video on Demand Servers and high speed data providers. This lets you effectively manage video services, broadband services and cable modem deployment to your subscribers. With DigiLink, you have the ability to authorize and provision Digital and Analog set tops, Cable Modems or subscriber interdiction devices, while continuing to use your existing billing system.

DigiLink enables you to authorize set-top boxes for pay per view purchases, premium channels and other programming and broadband services. Azar’s DigiLink CSR software simplifies the entire process by giving your CSR’s the ability to easily add new subscribers or make changes to existing subscriber accounts.

You keep total control of every aspect of the subscriber transaction. This includes activating and deactivating subscriber equipment, capturing Pay Per View or Video on Demand purchases and maintaining credit limits.

An External Update interface helps easily integrate DigiLink with your existing subscriber billing system and virtually eliminate the need for duplicating subscriber information.

Benefits of DigiLink:

● Convergent billing for Telco’s and utility companies
● In house control of digital set top boxes and Digital Channel lineups.
● Unlimited subscribers and addressable equipment
● Digital subscriber management and marketing support
● Integrated export to your current subscriber billing system
● Unparalleled service for your customers without the need for additional personnel
● No annual license fees with Extended Support Contract

Azar’s DigiLink is available as a standalone client-hosted or an ASP solution hosted on one of Azar’s servers. Whether purchased as a standalone client or ASP, DigiLink offers the most cost effective software solution for managing your subscriber inventory, analog and digital authorizations, cable modem provisioning, Pay per View and VOD billing.